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Korat femelle présentée à une exposition féline finlandaise.

Wang Kaang Raang, a female's korat presented at a
Feline exhibition to Vantaa, Finlande.


The Korat is a very old and natural breed.
Some text from the XIVth century, “Tamra Meow” also known
as “Smud Khoï “already describes the Korat.
Originated from Thailand, he’s still rare even
in his own country of origin.
Small sized, the coat is short and blue (only color recognized).
His eyes are emerald green.
His nature energetic, very playful doesn’t makes him a devastating cat.
His intelligence got him to be trained for circus. He’s very vocal and has a large set of “meows” ... He knows how to get understood...
Very close and admiring to his owner, the Korat remains a natural breed and still keeps a vivid instinct and a certain independence...
Playful until late in his life and also due to his small size,
he will often be mistaken for a younger cat!
Korats possess a single layer coat (doesn’t shed)so the people allergic are more tolerant. The absence of  undercoat makes the grooming easier. He only needs to be brushed once weekly.

Seemingly, he could live longer than any other cat, there has been some record of Korat living up to 30 years.

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