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 Kittens soon available

(for 2015 february)

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My name is Fabien Salomon, I would like to thank you for your interest toward Korat’s breed.

We are a small cattery in Gurunhuel, FRANCE (côtes d'armor - Britanny). This website has for goal to provide information about the Korat breed and also cats in general and offer kittens for adoption.

We’ve always lived around cats, we are passionate (All cats in general). My interest for the Korat begun the day we adopted our first blue kitty (Cleo) she looked a lot like a Korat, (heart shaped head, beautiful green eyes...) At first i thought she had taken from a Chartreux, wich was the cat i always dreamed to own... After many search on the web i found Cleo looked more like a korat. before all this, I didn’t know about the existence of this very special feline breed.

After the loss of Cleo, we started getting more and more information about the Korat, so I did my best to finally adopt our first Korat pure breed: Daa-raa, then Dtaa Dtoh the stud arrived. In some way a tribute to Cleo...

A great adventure can now begin...

On this website you will be able to find many pictures and videos of our cats and kittens, and a small description of each one of them. Also some informations and useful advices. Do not hesitate to leave your comment to improve this website. fabskorats@yahoo.fr