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Before contacting us, I would suggest   you to read this:

Our cattery is based on passion and is aiming to keep the purity of the breed, and is not a profitable business.
The most important to us is our beloved animals.
For this we will ask people willing to adopt a kitten, to arrange to meet us at least once before adopting and then when taking the animal home. (I had to cross France 4 times to get my 3 cats).
The Korat is extremely rare even in it’s own country of origin, it is very hard to find. That is why we will only place them with people that we think are truthful enough!
Our kittens are sold with pedigree, and will be subject to a contract. (You can look at it before contacting us).
The price is based on beauty criteria (around 1000€) and could be higher for exhibition/breeding cat.
The price for the pet will not be negotiable.

Breeding has a cost:

-The selection can be hard work and ask a lot of investment...

-Our cats visit regularly the vet to prevent any risk of disease (that could eventually be given to the kitten) also in order to get their health certificate to compete in some exhibition.

-Treated for fleas and ticks, vermifuged as much as recommended in preventive.

-We feed them high quality food (Virbac veterinary)

-Expenses for vaccination and sterilisation.

-The expenses of the genitors for whom we cared since the 3rd month of their life by giving them a great quality of life.

-The toys and time spent for their education and socialisation.

-Expenses for pedigree.

You will understand that the price is not in our profit.
We spend a lot of time in the socialisation of our kittens.
In order to have an healthy animal, it is necessary to manipulate the kitten approximately hour per day until his 12th week.
For a litter of five it’s a lot of time spent.
In order to have a cat perfectly wean and stable it is necessary to keep the kitten with his mum until 12 weeks minimum.
We will not place kitten until 12-15 weeks.

Our cats don’t have access to the outside. They go time-to-time on the balcony to breath some fresh air... but always supervised (we live on the first floor of a building).
The Korat is very rare and expensive animal. He should never be left out on the street without attention.
Even though our kittens are placed vaccinated, the outside world can mean danger for them.
There is a risk of contamination from other cats, fight with other animal,
also the risk to be run down by a car or simply stolen!

We expect from the future Owner:

-Will visit the vet at least once a year for an annual check up.

-Will vaccinate on time, and will treat him against parasite regularly, as recommended.

-Will provide a good diet.

-Will take part of the grooming (cleaning ears, eyes, cutting claws, brushing...)

-Will offer hygiene and comfort.

We expect the future owner to give as much attention and love as we do towards the Korat.

I would retract myself on placing a kitten if I wasn’t fully convinced of the future he would be given.
The korat is venerated in his country. Like any other animal it is not an object or a present!
In some way he has to be deserved...
Passion must happens between him and you.
If you bring him happiness, he will venerate you!

If you are ready to accept all these conditions and you still want to adopt a korat, then you can now contact me.